STYLED BY JADE & Co have received the following testimonials, from some of her very happy clients.

* Please note, Jade & her team do not not take before and after photos of clients.

Amazing stylist! I’ve used Jade for years, she sorts out my wardrobe annually and I can always rely on her for special events..I highly recommend her for a new wardrobe, to update each season or even just to organise your current wardrobe..she rocks! Cz


Nicole was amazing! I was a little hesitant about getting a personal stylist, but once I met Nicole she totally put me at ease. She understood what I was looking for and catered to my budget. Nicole only let me purchase items if I truly loved them. I’ve got a new wardrobe that I love and feel totally confident in.
If you’re thinking about it, do it!

Karen, 30: Air Traffic Controller, Christchurch NZ PERSONAL SHOPPING

I can not recommend Nicole from Styled by Jade more highly!!! My wardrobe was so full of clothes that I couldn’t see what I already owned so I just buying more & more because I couldn’t decide what to wear!!! That old “so many clothes and nothing to wear” problem. Then coupled with losing weight this year and being completely paralysed by a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit, were outdated and basically just needed a complete overhaul. Nicole was my angel to the rescue and has helped me wade through the wardrobes full of clothes cull the ones that needed ousting as well as helping me see the gems that I already owned. Nicole helped recommend key pieces that were missing and that would help make items I already owned work for me. Nicole helped me select the items that I already own that were worth saving and altering. I truly can’t recommend Nicole enough! She’s a beautiful person with many words of wisdom and style who has made this quite paralysing experience much easier than I ever anticipated and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It truly was an incredibly liberating experience.

Janelle, 39: Nurse, Kensington WARDROBE MAKEOVER

If your seeking a 5 star service styling professional, I highly recommend Nicole from Styled by Jade. She delivered an amazing experience coupled with the professional knowledge you expect from a styling professional. Her expertise in first assessing my wardrobe requirements and needs and then discussing outfits and clothes that would be recommended to complete and update my wardrobe was excellent. She delivered a personalised experience and had determined the best shops to fulfil our brief on the day. I was highly impressed by her knowledge of designers, clothing styles and her familiarity with staff from different retailers. She also arranged a private styling suite for the day to ensure minimal time wastage waiting for change rooms. The overall experience was exceptional and unbelievably successful. I adore every item that was purchased including those items that would be out of my comfort zone and I would have never attempted to try. Please do not look any further than Nicole from Styled by Jade. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you Nicole!!

Nicole, 33: Scientist, Kensington WARDROBE MAKEOVER & PERSONAL SHOPPING

Nicole was super friendly, and had an amazing eye for detail, and an innate sense of style. She suggested things I’d have never even thought about, let alone try myself. Worth every cent.

Sam, 38: Programmer, Eastwood PERSONAL SHOPPING

Jade was so compassionate and experienced with helping me through my wardrobe providing great advice …. such a great experience !


Sometimes fate leads you to the most beautiful and talented human to cross your path. Jade Sardon not only made me feel comfortable but gave me confidence to see my body in a new light and appreciate parts that I had been keeping hidden. – I have a new love for my legs! Jade has an amazing talent of putting you at ease and creating an instant environment of trust and creativity. I instantly felt safe to explore fashion in a way I have never imagined. Jade is the best friend that every girl needs. I never thought the woman I see in my mirror would ever be me. A long way to self confidence and a positive image. As I progress with my journey, Jade will be a staple in helping me create the visual representation of my own self. Thank you Jade, with all of my heart. I can totally rock this!

Lauren, 30: Office Manager, Bringelly PERSONAL SHOPPING

Jade understands personalities to understand how to craft your style for YOU. She helped me transform my wardrobe to reflect the essence of who I was and to this day, I am wearing her advice with confidence and pride. Love her work!

Elisa: Business Owner, Sydney WARDROBE MAKEOVER

I’d been dreaming about getting a wardrobe makeover for far too long, and when I finally got Nicole from Styled by Jade, it was everything I could have hoped for. In the wardrobe makeover session Nicole took the time to get to know my sense of style and my lifestyle. It can feel a little daunting having someone go through your wardrobe choices but Nicole had an amazing balance of making it fun and comfortable but also not holding back when something needed to go! From that session alone my wardrobe got a new lease of life in how I thought about wearing the pieces I already owned. The personal shopping session that followed was AMAZING. I’m time poor and Nicole made it efficient and fun. She was able to pull together pieces that were entirely interchangeable so getting ready in the morning is a snap. I get LOTS of compliments now on my outfits. Some new pieces or old pieces I just wear better. Don’t be afraid to ‘elevate’ the look to use Nicole’s words 🙂 It’s made a huge difference to how I feel when I step out the door. Thank you Nicole!

Shannon, 39: Head of Operations, Alexandria WARDROBE MAKEOVER

Absolutely fantastic, beautiful, highly educated phenomenal people work for this company. They care, they listen and take the time to get it right.I wouldn’t be able recommend Nicole enough as she was a down to earth stylist that knew her stuff. Do yourselves a favour and spend a little to save a lot. Thank you Nicole and Jade.