Sat Aug 8, 2020 | styledbyjadeweb

Designers celebrated at inaugural National Indigenous Fashion Awards

There is nothing that we love more at STYLED BY JADE HQ than to support Australian design and innovation. We were so excited to hear about the first National Indigenous Fashion Awards.

The first National Indigenous Fashion Awards were organised by the Northern Territory Government in conjunction with key industry. These awards were created to recognise the incredible contributions, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and designers in the fashion industry.

The Awards were broadcast live across NITV’s social media channels due to COVID-19 on Wednesday, 5 August 2020, celebrating diversity, innovation, ethics and culture.

Six award categories featured an array of designers and artists from across Australia. 33 nominees were announced in June for their use of ethical practices, diversity and innovation.

The winners were chosen by a judging panel Leila Naja-Hibri of the Australian Fashion Council, Yatu Widders-Hunt, the founder and curator of Aus Indigenous Fashion and Ursula Raymond of the Northern Territory Treaty Commission.

The combined prize pool totalled $60,000. Prizes included promotion, support and development opportunities, travel, and cash.

It is so good to see Australian retailer Country Road presenting award winner Maara Collective, founder Julie Shaw with an incredible 12 month mentorship with the retailer.

The winners of each category are:

Textile Design Award

Co-presented with RMIT University and Ross Bonthorne

The Textile Design Award entrants include printmakers and textile designers creating woven, knitted or surface ornamented designs.

Kieren Karritpul from Merrepen Arts Language & Culture

Cultural Adornment and Wearable Art Award

Co-presented with DAAF

The cultural adornment and wearable art award is an entry of fine art pieces or accessories.

Peggy Griffiths from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Community Collaboration Award

Co-presented with Northern Territory Government

The community collaboration award, showcased the relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and textile and fashion.

Julie Shaw of MAARA Collective with Bula’bula Aboriginal Corporation

Environmental and Social Contribution Award

Co-presented with Northern Land Council

The environmental and social contribution award features Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander leaders environmentally and socially creating new practices and approaches to textiles and fashion.

Ninti One Limited

Special Recognition Award

Co-presented with Northern Territory Government

The special recognition award includes groups, organisations or individuals who have contributed to the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fashion.

Bede Tungutalum

Fashion Design Award

Co-presented with Country Road

The Fashion Design Award, was awarded to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders with commercial labels with at least two original collections.

Julie Shaw for MAARA Collective

We hope to see more First Nation Designers included in the mainstream Australian fashion industry in the future.