Mon Feb 10, 2020 | styledbyjadeweb

Written by Nico Maurico…

For my first blog with SBJ, I wanted to let you in on how my style has evolved over time and has helped with my self-expression.

Growing up I was always told that everything had its place and to deviate from the norm was frowned upon. I grew up in a traditionalist household that conformed to stereotypical gender norms. The father was the bread winner and provider, while the mother was the nurturer and carer of the family unit.

So, as you can imagine growing up, I was already trained to see the world through traditionalist eyes. My sense of style reflected this and I was dressed in what can only be described as traditional male clothing in colours that were muted which didn’t have many patterns on it. It was the norm for me to wear sports labels and athletic wear. To me, growing up, Nike was the staple brand of choice. I always looked like I was going to training session or had a sports carnival to go to.

I began to explore with my personal style at Uni. I would slowly play with colours while clashing prints and began to incorporate “feminine” clothes to my wardrobe. I began to research androgynous fashion and looks. Bowie, Boy George, Elton John and George Michael were a few of the men that I drew most of my inspiration from. I loved how unapologetic they were with how they used their style to express who they were.

My styled can be classified as androgynous street style. I don’t really follow the trends and pick clothes that enhance my personality. I love fun and quirky styles that are a bit left of centre and that doesn’t conform to the norm.

My favourite fashion designers are Rick Owens and Alistair Trung. Designers that blur the line of gender and form. This is what I have learnt about style, it should be an expression of who you are and enhance the person you want to be portrayed as. The clothes should never wear you; you should wear the clothes and being different is such a special thing.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when shopping and looking as clothes. The clothes have no gender and its only society that labels them. You wear what you want to wear and don’t be afraid to express it.

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