Sun May 10, 2020 | styledbyjadeweb

” How to style tonal dressing this Winter”

Tonal dressing is dressing from head to toe in the same colour or wearing the same colour in varying shades from top to bottom. Taking cue from the international runways this Autumn/Winter 2020 Tonal dressing is a very strong and sophisticated trend.

Wearing matching pieces of the same tone and material is an effortless way to make a statement. It is a very flattering way to dress as it tricks the eye into one continuous line of colour, creating a longer leaner line.



Most commonly we are seeing a lot of neutral tones, shades of toffee, camel, cream, ecru and white. Other on trend tonal look colours are shades of red, burgundy, green, yellow and purple.



If you already have a favourite colour and have multiple garments in your wardrobe, you may want to experiment with this trend.

Here are our top tips to pull off this fashion forward trend.

Mix up your fabrics and textures to create a visually interesting look. Think about combining fabrics like leather, knits, silk, velvet and faux fur to pull your tonal look together.


To give your outfit dimension use various tones, and shades of the same colour to give your look high impact.

Wearing different layers and lengths will add interest and dimension, drawing attention to different elements of the outfit.

An easy way to achieve this trend is with suiting. Wearing a matching jacket and pants styled with a cami or tee in the same colour will immediately give you this on trend look.


The tonal trend is from head to toe including footwear and accessories. Alternatively, to break up the look you may wish to add a contrasting colour belt, bag or shoe.

Tonal dressing will elevate your look, giving you a polished and pulled together outfit. We love this simple yet stylish trend.