Fri Apr 17, 2020 | styledbyjadeweb

With most of us working remotely from home in a more relaxed fashion, we need to keep up the allure of professionalism whilst on work calls. In our new normal many of us have turned to Zoom and Skype meetings from home.

Lets face it, our webcam is not doing us any favours. Webcams have wide angle lenses, so they can distort your face if you get too close. We would like to give you some hints and tips to look your best for your next Zoom meeting.

Finding the most flattering lighting is key. Sitting facing a window with natural lighting will give you the most even soft lighting. Make sure you are not directly in the sunlight. Use a lamp if you don’t have natural lighting.

Place your device at the right height. Your camera needs to be at eye level. Eye to eye contact is the best connection. If the device is too low it will be very unflattering. So place your device on something sturdy like a box, a stack of books or a stand.

You want people to be focusing on your face, so keep your background simple like a plain wall or a wall with a piece of art hanging in the background. Be sure to keep your filming space tidy.


When you are in front of the camera for a video call, change into a work appreciate top. Since no one will be seeing the lower half of your body, you can remain in your cozy loungewear.

photo  photo

photo  photo

If you would usually present yourself in a button up shirt or blazer we would recommend you continue with your business professional look for your business, but with a more toned down smart casual finish. A delicate shirt, blouse, or knit is suffice. Team it back with relaxed pants, chino’s or jeans for the complete look but remember, comfort is key!

zoom   zoom

zoom  zoom

We recommend you do what you would usually do to your hair, keeping it neat and tidy. There is no need for a full face of makeup, but using a concealer to cover any spots or dark circles will give you a softer finish on camera. You can use a bit of bronzer or blush to brighten up your face and maybe even some mascara and lip gloss.

For our men… a daily shave is not required, but a neat beard and styled hair is a must.

Remember looking professional is key, even if it’s only just Zoom!

Be sure to let the people you live with know, that you’re about to join a conference call to avoid any embarrassing disturbances.

We would love to see your at home outfits, so please be sure to share them with us #sbjstyle