Mon Jul 1, 2019 | styledbyjadeweb

“Can colour affect our emotions & behaviour?”


Colours that you wear play a major role in how you feel and can impact you both in a positive or negative way.

Have you ever put on an outfit and every time you have gone to wear it, it just does not feel right? Nine times out of ten it is the wrong colour for your skin tone. Innately we know what our best colours are.

If you look at the clothing you wear, you will find you are attracted to certain colours that make you feel more comfortable and confident. This is generally because they are the right colours and tones for you.

When you are wearing the right colours you will find your features will be accentuated rather than diminish. Your skin will glow and hide all your blemishes, your dark circles under your eyes will disappear, and your eyes and lips will pop.

Colours bring a lot of emotion to people not only who are wearing them, but those who are seeing them. Here is a list of colours and what they are perceived to signify:

Black is perceived as an indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence.


Brown is the colour of the earth, representing reliability, strength and stability.


Blue evokes intelligence, trust, efficiency, and tranquillity.


Green conjures up feelings of growth, money, safety and relaxation.

Purple was often a representation of royalty and higher society.


Red is the colour of passion and power.


Yellow is the colour of happiness, sun, and laughter.


White is the symbol of freedom, purity, innocence, and simplicity.


Orange always gives an atmosphere a fun, a warm and opportunistic colour.


Grey and its shades are a symbol of tranquillity, practicality, and maturity.


With colours having such a strong influence on our moods, behaviour and productivity levels, it is important to choose the correct colour for the correct occasion.