Tue Sep 17, 2019 | styledbyjadeweb

What’s the difference between Fashion and Style?

People socially express themselves through clothing.
Fashion is clothing that is currently on trend and is reproduced rapidly after it has been seen on the runways. Fashion doesn’t give you style, style is unique to you…It is your personal look created by you!

Fashion is what is offered in stores. It doesn’t usually have a long life span, a fad worn by the majority generally for that season. What is on trend doesn’t necessarily work for everyone therefore it is important to create your personal style by adding the trending print or colour to your outfit in a way that represents your personal style.

Creating your own personal style does not come easily to everyone. Luckily, it is something you can learn quickly by visually creating the perfect body illusion through outfits and colours.

The first step to achieving your personal style, is to determine which body shape you are. We then recommend creating a foundation wardrobe based on your your shape following your shape guidelines. The appearance of visual balance is key. You can create a well balanced silhouette when you know your body shape.

By understanding your body shape you will know which areas of your body to emphasis and which areas of your body to conceal.

If you are unsure about your personal style and body shape, why not book a STYLED BY JADE & Co service and become confident creating your unique personal style.